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Before you seek out Piano Sales & Service on Craigslist, you better think twice or more! Pianos are not like fine wine, and age can seriously impact their ability to play. Wine on the other hand improves with age. An old piano you might want to buy at a discount can only hurt you. How do you know the piano was maintained? Do you know who was taking care of it before you bought it? Pianos sometimes come from broken homes and it can lead the piano to all types of abuse: Spills, Cats, Dogs, and other types of harmful bacteria and mold. Talk to Jason with Piano Tuner Green Bay before thinking something is a good deal. I can tell you quickly, and the money you pay me is much less than dragging a heavy piano to your home, finding out it is terrible and then having to pay disposal fees. Pay me today with credit card, cash, or check and I will make sure I repay you with a quality piano and sound, professional advice.

What is A440?

Many piano tuners are good at what they do but never explain why we tune to A440? We choose A440 so that pianos are in tune with international standards. These standards were adopted in 1939.  When tuning, a piano is set to a specific temperament called equal temperament.  This temperament is made up of 12 notes divided up equally.  Lots of math!

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Imagine the sounds, the roar, the giant sound coming from the family piano. Every note in perfect tune and every single unison flawless.  Wait! most pianos never sound that way because owners do not invest time into their pianos.  A piano has roughly 230 strings and each one holds a great deal of tension, but here’s a little secret about pianos around Green Bay, WI.  Our weather causes wood to expand and contract and this means the piano in church, home, and school will waiver as the seasons change.  The other fact unknown to the masses is that piano wire will stretch – pretty crazy?  That means tons of tension is on the piano at all times which is effected by humidity, heat, and cold.

They just said, “Piano Guys just said it needs a good tuning.” – what is a good tuning? How can a person tell if their piano has a good tuning?  Pianos need to be in tune to tune them well. Just looking at a piano the wrong way can change the pitch. Yes, seriously – pianos drift out of tune pretty quickly depending on the climate. They also drift due to factors like cracks in the wood, bad pin-blocks, loose bridge pins and old strings.  Does your piano need a good tuning or perhaps a dose of reality? I’ll give you a hint, the piano needs help, they are investments and they will absolutely be the worst nightmare if they are not kept in good shape. I travel to Door County, Sturgeon Bay, and Carlsville. Specializing in the fine tuning of Bosendorfer, Steinway, Bechstein, and other fine grand pianos.

Piano sitting around for a year and nobody plays it right? A piano reacts to tension the same way a person does when asked, “can i have $200?” A little resistance there eh?  How about, “can I have $300?” Things start to feel uncomfortable at a certain point right?  How about, “Can I have $5.00,” that doesn’t sound too difficult does it?  Exactly right, pianos like to have small adjustments more frequently than large ones, this creates something called tuning stability.  In the technical world, we call it a “pitch raise.” A piano will accept little changes to the strings and hold them well, whereas a big change will cause things to go south quickly.  When I tune pianos for people that are really “out of tune.” it might take 4-5 visits just to get the piano back up to A=440 (the commonly accepted pitch for a piano. If you try put too much tension on a piano right away, you can crack wood, break piano strings. So, give me a call and let’s talk about the piano you have and see how I can help it.  Please note, some pianos might be too far gone to tune, and I won’t touch them. It will cost a bunch of money, it will make the ears hurt and perhaps a dog bark, just not good, and I am all about reality, and good work. Not complaints!

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Looking for piano tuning ? I am Jason Davies a Piano Tuner in Green Bay, Wisconsin. I help people keep their piano sounding marvelous. A piano tuner has many hours of specialized training in piano tuning. Piano tuners also sometimes used highly sophisticated software to double-check the work. My work is limited specifically to grand pianos and studio pianos. I do not work on spinet pianos.

A piano tuner is needed when a piano has gone through climatic change.  In winter a piano will suffer from lower humidity.  In the summer, a piano tuner is needed to help adjust seasonal upward change. Likewise, for best results a piano could be tuned monthly!

Many people want a piano tuner in Green Bay for special occasions. Tuning a piano can help preserve a piano too. Did you know a piano can suffer damage by not tuning it?

Piano tuning responsibility is a group effort. Did you know that many piano technicians have sensitive ears? The same sensitivity that makes a great piano tuner makes a piano tuner very aware of many sounds. Running water, dogs, television, washing machines etc. When scheduling a piano tuning, it is important to consider the environment. The best results are achieved when the area immediately surrounding the piano is quiet. Even better results are achieved when total silence is realized during the tuning process.

Piano tuners make multiple checks when tuning pianos. Therefore, it is important to know that piano tuning make take two or more hours. Thank you for reading my piano tuner blog and I look forward to helping keep your piano sounding amazing.