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Before you seek out Piano Sales & Service on Craigslist, you better think twice or more! Pianos are not like fine wine, and age can seriously impact their ability to play. Wine on the other hand improves with age. An old piano you might want to buy at a discount can only hurt you. How do you know the piano was maintained? Do you know who was taking care of it before you bought it? Pianos sometimes come from broken homes and it can lead the piano to all types of abuse: Spills, Cats, Dogs, and other types of harmful bacteria and mold. Talk to Jason with Piano Tuner Green Bay before thinking something is a good deal. I can tell you quickly, and the money you pay me is much less than dragging a heavy piano to your home, finding out it is terrible and then having to pay disposal fees. Pay me today with credit card, cash, or check and I will make sure I repay you with a quality piano and sound, professional advice.

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